The scream (thenewleft) wrote,
The scream

i went online and no one was on. its 5 am there i think. you guys are gay. i migth be back in later, i still have 30 minutes on my card. no one emails me except for one and i appreciate them very mush. im smoking freely and you are all asleep. a guy gave me a free pack of smokes from japan, he was nice and made me happy. im in florence italy. its gay. kind of. im tired of vacationg i want to be home where i know how to get to my house and i hve to leave my house to smoke and i can see peopkle i know. europe is gay, in case you were wondering, and i dont know where to find hash in this fucking town. barcelona has it by the truckload but i cant find it here. i guess ill just get drunk at dinner with my prents off free wine and stagger upstairs and go to sleep with a cigarette burning in the ashtray, sounds nice but it gets lonely.
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