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im sitting in spain at the internet cafe on site smoking a lucky strike that i legally purchased form a vending machine for 2 dollars and thirty cents, sobering up for some jim bean i also bought legally at the bar right behind me. this is the best place in the world, except its boring kind of. people give me mean looks which i should expect, so whatever. everyone smokes everywhere, at the pool, in the airport, in the restaurants, etc. my dad caught me smoking in the boys room in the airport in rome. he didnt care and so i finished it and he has caught me a couple times since, i even bummed him a smoke. fuicking weird. the bartender looks like the gay euro guy from cabaret. hes awesome. ive had about 7 raspberry ice cream cones, they are good.  i had a cigarette smoking in the ash tray just now and my mom came up. she didnt notice. i should punch her in the face hard. you guys should fuckin email me or somethign. im bringing you all back cool shit, its the least you cpould do. it took us 36 hours including layovers to get here. sweet. this 12 year old looking kid is playing video poler. what a cunt. im now typing with a lucky strike in my mouth. i love european law
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